Keystone Party of Manitoba


The maximum contribution by any individual is $5,000 total in a calendar year. This includes both monetary and non-monetary contributions to one or more provincial political entities.

Donations and memberships to the Keystone Party of Manitoba are non-refundable. All donations to the Keystone Party of Manitoba qualify for a tax credit. 

The Tax Credit for your political donation:

Donations up to $ 400, your tax credit is worth 75% of your donation.

Donations from $ 400.01 to $ 750.00 are added to the credit at 50 %, worth up to an additional $ 175.00.

Donations from $ 750.01 to $ 2,325.00 are added to the credit at 33 1/3%, worth up to an additional $ 525.00.

Maximum tax credit is $ 1000.00

Physical mailing address is required my Elections Manitoba.

Please see for more information.

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